Don Brandon Ray (1926-2005)

(Don Ray, Homestead Dances)
Don Ray, Homestead Dances 1. Promenade 2. A Waltz for young Lovers 3. Stomp Dance 4. Wedding Waltz 5. The good Ladies of the WTCU 6. Waltz: The Joys of Daily Living 7. The Quilters Dance 8. A Waltz for old Lovers 9. Farmhands’ Dance The Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra Derek Gleeson, conductor

Je cite la présentation de la vidéo :
In 1989, his "Homestead Dances, Set I" were premiered by the American Chamber Orchestra at Kennedy Center in Washington; the reviewer in the Washington Post describing them as follows: "...not many pieces of music are as winsome, as energetic, as brightly colored and vivacious as these old-fashioned waltzes and fiddle tunes..."